The Madam and the Maid – a Joke

Aquarium fishLast week I wrote about the icebergs and cycles of hard work, this week I have nothing as insightful to share. It’s been a fun filled week and we watched fireworks on Friday night. Instead, here’s a joke I heard this week.

Maria, a maid, asks her boss for a raise.

Her boss is annoyed and asks, “Now, Maria, why do you think you deserve a raise?”

Maria: ‘Well, Señora, there are three reasons why I want an raise. First, I iron better than you.’
Wife: ‘Who said you iron better than me?’
Maria: ‘Your husband said so.’
Wife: ‘Oh.’
Maria: ‘The second reason is that I am a better cook than you.’
Wife: ‘Nonsense, who said you were a better cook than me?’
Maria: ‘Your husband did.’
Wife: ‘Oh.’
Maria: ‘My third reason is that I am a better lover than you..’
The wife is obviously upset: ‘Did my husband say that ?’
Maria: ‘No, Señora, the gardener did.’
Wife: ‘So, how much do you want?’

This is weekly review 33:

I’m reading Influence for or book club and Food: A Love Story.

This week I published Five Proven Ways to have a Better Work Day and What J.K. Rowling and Tim Ferriss have in common. I also wrote a summary of Steven Kotler’s interview with James Altucher and Continued Chain Reactions at Better Humans.

:: Photo is from the new Toledo Zoo Aquarium.


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