This hasn’t been a good week of reading for me – again. Even though I finished Shadow Divers (very good!), I still didn’t read at my normal pace. After multiple weeks of this less-than-average reading I began to wonder why.

Why am I not reading?

If I’m not reading that must mean I’m doing other things, and this situation wasn’t bad per se. I shouldn’t replace salad with ice cream for dinner, but it’s fine to replace running with cycling. The question then, wasn’t why am I not reading. It’s, what am I doing instead of reading?

This summer has been filled with great times. My daughters and I explored the woods behind our house and got icecream sundaes. We’ve swam, biked, and painted part of our swingset. It’s been a good summer for family time and I’m blessed to be able to spend so much quality time with the people I love – but not all of my time.

As a stay at home parent I’ve always yearned for a connection and challenge away from my daughters. I need to “go to work” in some regard. In the past that meant teaching part-time at colleges. Now that means what I write and create online. This professional part of my life is as important to me as the family and health parts.

Part of that professional life includes reading books. I cite books, I get ideas from books, I become a better writer by reading books. So, if I’m not reading books then I’m not developing professionally.

Right? Maybe.

As I looked back on the last month I realized that even though I haven’t been reading books, it’s been for good reasons. I’ve been reading some PDF files rather than books. I’ve listened to many podcast episodes that have been informative. I’ve been writing more than normal. I’ve been doing my professional work, just not one particular part of it.

But reading is an important part that I need to do more of. Like my daughters (and dogs) will climb into bed and pop me out like peas in a pod, I need to wiggle reading back into the professional part of my life.

How to fix it.

If my time was like a pie chart, what would it look like?

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 7.05.40 AM

Within professional work are reading, writing, learning, etc. The problem then is this; it’s not that I’m not working enough, it’s that I’m not balanced in the work I do.

That’s the goal for the upcoming week, to be more balanced in my work.

What I’ve been writing and reading.

Even though it’s been a slow reading month, I did finish two books. The first was Shadow Divers, which was excellent. I’ll be sharing more of what I learned  later (beyond, how to swim through a submarine), but the book combined both a great story and big ideas.

I also finished The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success. This was my first exposure to Deepak Chopra, and, meh. At some pages I was entranced but a few pages later the spell was broken. If I read more of his work it will be by strong recommendation only. It’s not bad, it’s just not for me.

This week I published notes on a Brett McKay interview, and chat with Robert Greene.

// Flowers are from a garden at the Toledo Zoo. Some of the family time that I’ve had this summer.


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