A Decision Making Tool (Weekly Review 31)


I love new heuristics. Like a fishing captain that’s looking for new places to take a charter, I’m always on the lookout for decision makings tools.

Two of my recent favorites are  the Schulich technique and think about your time like money.

A new one that I’m testing is; choose things that deviate from the norm.

I missed a chance to do this this week after my nephew’s baseball game. I joked to him that we should run back to his house (he’s running cross country this fall is needs to run 100 miles this summer). He took me up on it, but when I looked at the sandals I was wearing I had to pass.

I should have ran.

Doing new things is part of the way we get stories in our lives. It’s part of the way we learn about the world. It’s part of our existence.

Right now both my daughters are still asleep because they’ve been sharing the futon on the basement this summer. At first I tried to limit this to one day a week. Then after I carefully weighed all the options, (and listened to my wife) I told them they could sleep down there. And why not?

For the rest of the summer I’m going to try new things.

What I’ve been reading.

The Practice of Practice has been very good and is just what I expected it to be. Many books in this area (Gladwell, The Power of Habit, etc.) are either too broad or too focused on academic research. The Practice of Practice solely focuses on musicians and how they get better.

But in that are  ideas to apply to other domains. The ideas of “ass power” and “GIGO” are both things that you could apply to guitar playing but also writing or teaching. The book reminded me that:

“Talent is practice in disguise.”

I’ve got many other books on my shelf, but that’s the only one that’s hooked me this week. If you want the full list of what I’m reading, you can subscribe to my monthly email.

What I’ve been writing.

This has been a good week of writing for me. As I looked back, I realized there are three things I need to do each week; collect, draft, and edit. Collection is getting ideas to write about via experiences, books, or podcasts. Draft is when I type words on the screen. Edit is when I – as as Michelangelo put it – “take away anything that isn’t David.” Some things that came from this process this week:

Photo is looking down over Juneau Alaska after climbing Mt. Roberts. Something that we might not have normally done.


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