Cultural Differences- Paleo edition

My daughter missed a homework question. It was something about dinner rolls. We never eat dinner rolls.

We’ve never had a moment where we weren’t part of "the culture." I was proud.

I felt that way because – I think – we’re right about this. I’ve written many times about our experience on the Whole30 so I won’t rehash it here. But it makes us feel better. I have more energy, think more clearly, and act nicer when I eat good foods.

This issue of dinner rolls piggy backs on another point we often go around on; school lunch. Our school lunch isn’t very good. Hot Pockets were on the menu one day. Our daughters don’t buy often – again, we think we’re right – because we’ve seen how food matters.

During my year of Americorps service I saw a school transform the food that was served. It was a challenge, and that school was in a city primed for that kind of change. It’s hard to change the status quo. It’s easy just to think you’re right.

And this has nothing to do with dinner rolls. It’s about other areas people think they’re right. Politics, religion, culture. Those are the big things that people hold tightly to and imbed in their children.

It’s hard to see implicit messages that you agree with. You just think, "that’s the way it is." But it’s not that way for everyone. Once you don’t get something that you’re different.

Culture doesn’t need to change. We don’t need to accommodate everyone. Toes can be stepped on. We just need to know that we’re doing it. Food for thought for sure.

What I’ve been reading.
Gut Feelings by Gerd Gigerenzer has been very good. Much of the research by Gigerenzer was used by Gladwell in Blink. This book has a great pace and tone. I’m enjoying it very much.

What I’ve been writing.
I took notes on Gary Vaynerchuk’s talk about his history, hustle, and doing good work.

I wrote up 3 Things I Learned from Bill Belichick (all from Halberstam’s book).

I took notes on Penn Jillette’s conversation with James Altucher. Jillette talked about living in his car, clown college, and more. It was a very good short interview.


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