I write about productivity and better work at Productivityist and edit the site 27GoodThings.com which features good things to read, watch, and use.

I also write at The Waiter’s Pad – a blog that shares in depth notes from podcast interviews around the web.

Past Writing 

In 2015 I wrote a book about my experiences of a father as they were influenced by the classic stoic, Marcus Aurelius. That book is: My Meditations: What a Roman Emperor Taught me About Parenting.

In 2014 I wrote a book about how to read more book: Read More Books: Hijack your Habits, Tame your Time, and Find Better Tools for Reading More Books.

In 2012 I wrote a children’s’ book: Children’s Poems for the Couch on a Sunday Afternoon.  My kids love it.

From 2009 – 2010 I wrote monthly parenting articles for the Athens Messenger in Athens Ohio, I’m not archived but I’m sure I have a clipping around here somewhere.

Previous Teaching

I’ve taught part-time at Defiance College  as part of the Teacher Education Program. There I supervised undergraduate students and helped with their writing, development as teachers, and advised on the completion of their senior thesis. I’ve also taught at Owens Community College in the summer of 2011 as part of their Summer Bridge Program.  It was a valuable experience showing me the additional resources available to student entering secondary education.  Prior to that I was an instructor at Ohio University.  While there I taught both the EDTE 201 and EDTE202 classes.  In the 202 course I led a rubric redesign that better focused on teacher-centric skills and aligned with the NCATE guidelines for teacher education programs.  In both courses I pared down  bloated Blackboard course sites and integrated more third-party applications like live office hours through video chat, Google survey data on syllabus use by students, and maps for travel to the area schools.  While at Ohio University I also taught the UC115 course to incoming freshmen.  The course focused on examining and understanding campus resources and avoiding common pitfalls to incoming students.  Each year required a 2-day training seminar that was the best I’ve experienced.


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