Reading List

Below are books I’ve read with their finish dates. Each year I start many more books than these, but these are the ones I enjoyed enough to finish. Here are the ones I’ve reviewed.

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3/21 The Innovator’s Solution – Clayton Christensen
3/20 Where Good Ideas Come From – Steven Johnson
3/15 Smarter, Better, Faster – Charles Duhigg
2/27 Adrift – Steven Callahan
2/22 Brain Rules – John Medina
2/14 The Innovator’s Dilemma – Clayton Christensen
2/6 Word of Radiance – Brandon Sanderson
2/4 Foolproof – Greg Ip
1/23 #Girlboss
1/21 Growth Hacker Marketing – Ryan Holiday
1/14 Deep Work – Cal Newport
1/12 The Physics of Wall Street
1/11 Full House – Stephen Jay Gould
1/8 You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) – Felicia Day
1/2 Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor
12/30 Stuff Matters
12/26 A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market
12/21 Innumeracy
12/10 The Systems Bible
12/7 The Hard Thing About Hard Things
12/2 How Music Got Free
11/20 The Sixth Extinction
11/12 Strategy
11/5 Sick in the Head
10/28 A Night to Remember
10/26 Introducing NLP
20/24 Superforecasting
10/12 Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman
10/11 Billion Dollar Ball
10/9 Trump: The Art of the Deal
10/1 Your Money and Your Brain
9/27 The Name of the Wind
9/25 Flash Boys
9/18 Mean Genes
9/14 Gut Feelings: the Intelligence of the Unconscious
9/8 Education of a Coach
9/1 The Hour Between Dog and Wolf
8/24 Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics
8/19 When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management
8/12 Pirate Hunters
8/10 Filters Against Folly
8/5 The End of Your Life Book Club
7/29 Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive
7/28 Elon Musk
7/16 The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
7/14 Shadow Divers
6/7 Gang Leader for a Day
6/3 I’m a Stranger Here Myself
6/1 How Not to be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking
5/22 Better Than Before
5/19 On the Shortness of Life
5/8 Here Comes Everybody
5/1 Show Time
4/23 Run, Don’t Walk
4/15 An Astronaut’s Guide to Live on Earth
4/8 Get Smarter
4/2 Yes Please
3/27 The Art of Learning
3/23 Zero to One
3/11 Fooled by Randomness
3/11 The Martian
2/26 Clutterfree with Kids
2/24 Thinking Fast and Slow
2/19 How to Invest Your Time Like Money
2/16 Thunderstuck
2/1 Crush It!
1/30 Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to tell your story in a noisy social world
1/20 MONEY Master the Game
1/10 The Art of Asking
1/1 Antifragile


12/31 Switch: How to change things when change is hard
12/30 The Way of Kings
12/20 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying
12/7 Everything Bad Is Good For You
11/30 The Fish that Ate The Whale
11/4 10% Happier
10/29 Dataclysm
10/21 Mindless Eating
10/16 A Mind for Numbers
10/4 Superhuman by Habit
10/1 How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk
9/26 59 Seconds. Think a little, change a lot by Richard Wiseman
9/18 The Behavior Gap by Carl Richards.
9/10 Sleeping With Your Smartphone
9/8 Crimes Against Logic
9/5 Essentialism
8/27 Give and Take
8/11 Bird by Bird
8/3 It Starts With Food
7/25 Letters From a Stoic
7/24 Show Your Work
7/22 Your First 1000 Copies
7/15 Do Cool Shit
7/10 In Defense of Food
7/2 Reality is Broken
6/20 Old Man’s War
6/12 Dad is Fat
6/10 Think Like a Freak
6/8 The Up Side of Down
5/31 Meditations
5/17 The 5 Love Languages
5/23 Chasing Daylight: How my forthcoming death transformed my life
5/16 Drink: The intimate relationship between women and alcohol
5/15 The Council of Dads: My Daughters, My Illness, and The Men Who Could Be Me
5/7 For The Win: How game thinking can revolutionize your business
5/5 The Obstacle is the Way
4/28 The Signal and the Noise
4/21 The Five Elements of Effective Thinking
4/10 Die Empty
4/6 The Alchemist
3/24 Home Game: An accidental guide to fatherhood
3/17 The Legend of Bagger Vance
3/13 How to Fail at Nearly Everything and Still Win Big
3/5 The War of Art
3/4 What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast
2/25 A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (My Review) (Amazon)
2/13 Because I Said So (Amazon)
2/11 All Joy and No Fun (My Review)(Amazon)
2/4 David and Goliath (Amazon)
2/3 The Why Axis (Amazon)
1/26 Do the Work (Amazon)
1/24 How to Live: A search for wisdom from old people (My Review) (Amazon)
1/23 The Circle (Amazon)
1/14 My Stroke of Insight (My Review) (Amazon)
1/13 Average is Over (My Review) (Amazon)
1/10 2K to 10K: Writing better, writing faster (My Review) (Amazon)
1/5 The Way We’re Working isn’t Working (Amazon)
1/1 Manage Your Day-To-Day (Amazon)

2013 – 33 books

12/30 Daily Rituals: How artists work
12/21 The Compound Effect
12/15 The secret of happy families
11/15 Drop Dead Healthy
10/28 How to Write Short
10/14 Choose Yourself
9/22 Bootstrapper
8/15 A guide to the good life
8/21 Born to run
8/1 The Ocean at the End of the Lane
7/27 Dad is Fat
7/1 A Guide to the Good Life
6/30 Carry on Warrior
6/30 The Graveyard Book
6/20 What the most successful people do before breakfast
6/18 What I talk about when I talk about running
6/15 Writing Tools
5/13 Money secrets of the amish
5/2 The happiness project
4/24 Born standing up
4/19 Happier at home
4/19 The Nine Lessons
4/19 168 Hours
4/19 The four hour body
4/19 All the money in the world
3/15 The power of habit
2/21 A day in the life of a minimalist
2/11 The happiness advantage
2/1 The year of learning dangerously
1/30 How children succeed
1/30 never eat alone
1/24 why I left goldman sachs
1/13 The Go-Giver
2012 – 24 books
12/26 Thou shall prosper
12/8 The Checklist Manifesto
11/30 Mortality
11/14 The Dog Stars
11/10 So Good They Can’t Ignore You
9/27 Getting to Yes
9/24 I Will Teach You To Be Rich
9/19 The $100 Startup
8/28 Anansi Boys
8/8 The First National Bank of Dad
8/5 Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times
6/10 All You Need is Kill
3/28 Bringing up Bebe
3/18 The Descendants
3/9 The Power of Habit
3/2 The Gods of Mars
2/27 The Psychopath Test
2/10 Food Rules
2/4 The Running Man
2/4 The Reluctant Tuscan
1/25 Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids
1/24 On Writing
1/17 A Princess of Mars
1/3 A Million Miles in a Thousand Years
2011 – 27 books
12/6 Made to Stick
11/9 Delivering Happiness
11/11 The Millionaire Next Door
11/11 Rich Dad, Poor Dad
11/11 Die Broke
10/27 The 4-Hour Workweek
10/9 The Hunger Games Trilogy
10/4 Boomerang
10/3 American Gods
9/19 A Walk in the Woods
8/30 Unbroken
8/25 The Buffalo Creek Disaster
8/22 I’m Feeling Lucky
8/7 In the Garden of Beasts
8/5 Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
7/24 A Dance with Dragons
7/15 The Ghost Mat
7/5 Foundation
6/23 Moonwalking with Einstein
6/9 Devil in the White City
5/31 The Count of Monte Cristo
4/25 Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance
4/4 The Social Animal (Brooks)
3/15 The Great Stagnation
2/1 Warlord (Alex Hawke)
2010 – 23 books
12/28 The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
12/22 The Myth of the Rational Voter
12/22 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
11/9 Stumbling on Happiness
11/2 A Study in Scarlet
10/15 Manhunt: The 12 Day Chase of Lincoln’s Killer
9/3 How to Win Friends and Influence People
8/26 Friday Night Lights
7/14 Medium Raw
6/20 Rework
6/14 Discover Your Inner Economist
5/12 The Big Short
3/25 Moneyball
3/25 The New New Thing
3/14 Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire
3/10 Nake Economics
3/9 Intelligence and How to Get It
2/28 Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
2/9 The Social Animal (Aronson)
2/5 Freakonomics
2/5 Nobody Left to Hate
1/30 Nickel and Dimed
1/17 Eating the Dinosaur
2009 – 12 books and more that I forgot…
12/20 The Nine
11/30 Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs
11/9 A Storm of Swords
10/28 A Clash of Kings
10/5 A Game of Thrones
9/22 The Road
9/20 Nudge
9/19 Chuck Klosterman IV
9/13 Fargo Rock City
9/3 Outliers
9/3 Blink
9/3 The Tipping Point
This list is compiled to the best of my memory and the mess that is was my Goodreads bookshelf.

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