Weekly Review 22: One food tip, three great books

Another week goes by and another weekly review goes up. This week I found out that I (finally) need glasses. Yes! Or rather, NO! I also hurt my knee while on a training run for my upcoming marathon and the dentist said I may have some cavities. We also paid off one of our cars and it promptly began to send error messages that something was wrong. It seems like these things should be connected by a ribbon of things getting older.

I’ve been sitting on a food tip for a while now, the last one was for chocolate banana pudding. It’s this: have a taco bar for your next party. Each March we have a big birthday party at our house for anyone who has a March birthday. Mostly it’s for my two daughters who both have March birthdays, but we tack on any other names when the time comes to sing happy birthday. This year it occurred to me to have a taco bar to feed people from and then make frozen burritos when everyone left. It made cleaning up easier, took care of a bunch of leftovers, and we’ve been eating frozen burritos for a month since then.

You can enjoy those burritos in a fort.

You can enjoy those burritos in a fort.

What I’ve been reading.

Last week I forgot to mention in this section (but not the above one) that I had finished reading Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. It was fantastic. Not only did it have a lot of great information about how hard you have to work, but from a female’s point of view. To some people the word feminist has a bad vibe to it, and sometimes I can be one of those ignoramuses, but as I get older and read things like this and see my daughters grow up I realize how important the idea is. To grow up as a girl and into a women sounds really hard. I don’t know how to change this for my daughters, but it’s been on my mind more after reading this book.

This was one of my favorite quotes from the book.

Get Smarter. This was a fast read, almost not being worthy of a book. Billionaire Seymour Schulich shares his wisdom for business and life. If you do pick this up, note that it’s not the masterpiece that something like Antifragile or Neverwhere is. Those books are like a wonderful feast with many courses and great company. They are experiences you won’t forget. This book is more like a picnic, where sometimes it rains and you forget the napkins and sometimes it’s a peaceful day where you lay on your back and watch the clouds. That said, there are a handful of ideas in it that I immediately added to my mental toolbox.

I’m currently reading An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth. How I missed this one when it first came out I don’t know, but it too is freaking wonderful. Chris Hadfield is one cool dude and his path to becoming an astronaut was a fight against gravity (physical and bureaucratic). I’m glad I grabbed this one from the library and will have a quote or two to share later.

What I’ve been writing.

Oof. These last two weeks seem to have been relatively light on actual writing projects. Over at The Waiter’s Pad I posted summaries of Dan Buettner talking about blue zones, Nicholas Megalis talking about creating art, and Tim Ferriss as a lifehacking Sherlock Holmes.


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