Weekly Review #19 – I Found My Eric Clapton CD

Weekly review 19! These are getting more and more fun to write. This one especially so because of a brand new computer. (make sure you read that in the Price is Right voiceover style). Yup. After hemming, hawing, and hoping my old computer would get faster and the ‘M’ would begin working again, I finally purchased a new computer. It’s a Macbook Air and it is fast. Wow. I didn’t realize how slow my old laptop had gotten until I used the new one to edit a document I had been wanting to work on. It’s snappy and slick.

What won’t work on this new computer is my Eric Clapton CD. But it’s been playing on repeat in the car and I’ve been reflecting about what those songs meant to me in high school. About dancing slowly, wondering what college held in store for me, and what it would be like with different friends. My daughters get the edited version of “I liked this song.”

What I’ve been working on.

Yes, I promised myself that the book-in-progress would take priority once I received my new computer but it’s still in a holding pattern. Instead I’ve been doing more prep for the upcoming book club. I’m excited to “teach” this in the sense that I have a lot to offer. My own copy is so full of sticky notes that it looks like about 15 pages have been added.

I was also able to finish and update a guide for building a better idea muscle. Creating an idea list each day has helped me with everything from being a better parent, to writing more, to better emotional health. Thanks to a cool feature at Gumroad (where it’s hosted), there is also a daily email that provides regular context for why and how to have better ideas

What I’ve been reading.

Zero to One by Peter Theil. I’ve heard a number of Thiel interviews and he’s really intelligent, but I haven’t gotten that same sense in this book. I’ll probably finish it, but I was hoping for more than it’s been so far.

I’m re-reading So Good They Can’t Ignore You for the aforementioned book club.

I also grabbed Resilience and Vitamania from the public library but haven’t started them yet.

What I’ve been listening to.

I can’t remember the last time I shared this, but there have been some great podcast episodes of late.

That’s all for now. If you made, read, heard something good this week- let me know. I’m on Twitter, @mikedariano or at 559-464-5393.


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