Two Weekly Updates, One Mighty Post

Wow, another busy week and another one of these that I’m doing last minute. The video updates of the book are done until my new computer arrives in the mail at the end of the week. After much consternation, I decided on a MacBookAir. In high school I would have fused for months about what to get, flipping through Best Buy advertisements and noting that the cutting edge was for RAM/CPU/ETC. Now it only took me a few weeks, which I guess is progress.

What I’ve been writing

  • I wrote a summary of Elizabeth Sunders’ book at Productivityist. It’s a great read for time management. There I wrote, “a time management book that values your time.”
  • Over at The Waiter’s Pad I published posts from interviews with Jason Calacanis, Gretchen Rubin, and Brian Koppelman. All of the podcast interviews were great and hopefully my writeups reflect that.

On the book front

It’s done! Actually, the first draft is one and I let it be “as stupid as it wishes.” There’s a lot to cleanup there but as this computer I’m writing on now can’t handle a thirty-two page document, I’m in a holding pattern until the new one arrives. That does give me time however, to collect more information from the book.

I started a book club

After listening to Gretchen Rubin talk with James Altucher, I decided I too wanted to start a book club. This one will be built around the writing I do at The Waiter’s Pad and our first book is So Good They Can’t Ignore You. Sign up here. The first email heads out at the end of this month.

Okay, so that’s what I’ve been writing and working on. I finished reading The Martian (good, not great) and Fooled by Randomness (great, but challenging) and am moving on to re-read So Good They Can’t Ignore You. I’m also starting Against the Gods, a book about risk that should fit nicely as the next car in the Antifragile -> Thinking Fast and Slow -> Fooled train.

Weekly experiment

I’ve been doing weekly experiments that I’ll highlight here another time but this week’s experiment was a sabbatical from social media. It went well though I felt like I was missing out on things. I’m keeping a few of the apps off my phone but reinstalling some others at the middle of the week.

I also downloaded ToDoist and am trying the GTD methodology.

If you have suggestions for Mac apps, GTD tips, or book suggestions for me (or the book club), let me know, (559) 464-5393.

This is weekly review 18, book summary 5.


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