What real estate has to do with writing a book (week 4 update)

There’s only three things that matter when selling real estate; location, location, location. For book writing a similar mantra exists. For writing a book only one thing matters; prioritization, prioritization, prioritization.

Last week my goal was to spend twenty minutes each morning working on the book first thing and it made a big difference. I actually spend thirty minutes each morning and it resulted in a big word count jump.

  • Week 1: 0 words

  • Week 2: 3,800 words

  • Week 3: 6,500 words

  • Week 4: 14,000 words

Gaining over seven thousand words in a week is a nice jump, even better though is that the ideas are fresh in my mind and I’ve gotten into a good routine for writing.

I also picked up this piece of advice:


One final update from last week. I was struggling with a good way to include direct quotes in the rough draft. I had a lot of spaces that looked like “[] insert Leifer/microphone story here” and it seemed to interrupt the flow because an ambiguous ending of one section meant I didn’t have firm ground to stand on when I jumped to the next section. I’ve fixed that somewhat in simply making make table of contents for my notes. It’s now easy to quickly search through them for the relevant information and write more from that than my memory.

The goal for the next week is to finish the middle section and begin the final section. I’m sticking with the 30 minutes/day first thing plan.

If you have any writing advice, let me know, @MikeDariano.


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