INO Thinking

This week I finished the very good, Invest Your Time Like Your Money by Elizabeth Grace Saunders. One part that really struck me was this. 

 INO stands for “investment,” “neutral,” and “optimize,” and is a way of relating financial truths to time. 

Saunders is suggesting that we look at the things we do and ask if they are investments, activities that are neutral, or stuff that we can optimize. It’s the first and last catergories that I noticed most. Investing our time wisely means getting the most out of it. Like a college student who tries to maximize her food budget, so too do I try to get my writing investment tuned up. This means being excited to write about something and knowing what I’m writing about before I sit down. 

The other area, optimize, is another that is good to think about. Saunders writes that these are the things we have to do, but we can do them better. I’ve always been one to turn off the car radio because I know that is captive time for conversation with my daughters. 

INO thinking is a framework that we can easily apply because of its simplicity (3 chioces) and direction (time investments).

One formatting note. This and other posts this week have been drafted in IA Writer in Markdown. This particular post was composed on my iPhone with a bluetooth keyboard.


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