Schools Fail to Tell us About Depressed Children

“Depressed children treated with an energy drink improve significantly over a three-month period.”

Quite the headline right? That’s from Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. It’s not literally true. Kahneman uses it as an example for a larger point but the clarity of the example is worth noting and confirms a belief I have about eduction.

Kahneman is explaining the idea of regression to the mean. This means that after some extreme instance, the next occurrence will be closer to average. A great date the first time out will probably be followed by a more average one the next time out. Learning about regression here isn’t the point, learning about learning is.

In a few pages Kahneman makes this idea so clear that I understood it and applied a new analogy to the concept. This is where schools fail kids. That brilliant minds like Kahneman, Cowen, Taleb, Levitt, etc teach but we don’t offer them to our kids we are missing out on something great. Your high school teachers mean well, but they probably aren’t coming up with stuff like this.

School used to exist in a (physical) place you had to go to for knowledge. That place has slowly moved online and is available to all. As Kahneman might say, there’s an opportunity cost for not meeting them there.


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