February ’15 podcasts

I’m a big fan of podcast, especially since I began seriously training for a marathon and needed some entertainment for 12 mile runs. A few have been absolutely wonderful:

  • Tropical MBA had a great episode about creating mastermind groups. This is something I’ve been interested in doing but lacked a basic understanding of. This episode cleared up a lot of that.
  • Freakonomics talked about “creative destruction,” examining what it is, how it’s evolved, and whether Siri or Watson will take your job. This episode in particular pairs nicely with Tyler Cowen’s Average is Over.
  • Reply All spoke with Errol Morris about his brother, the start of email, and if the former invented the latter. The story wasn’t great, but it was a good example of story telling.
  • James Altucher talked with Seth Godin recently (and Gary Vaynerchuk less recently) about story telling and how powerful this idea is. It’s a concept I need to focus on and learn more about. Alex Blumberg shared some ideas about it on the Tim Ferriss podcast.
  • Planet Money told the story of Hernando de Soto (#599) and how he changed Peru. Ever since reading The Fish That Ate The Whale, I’ve been interested in the Latin America part of our hemisphere and the problems there. Many come from a lack of safe business opportunities, (the Taxi system in Honduras is another example). It’s like a little brother that’s been tormented by a big brother and seems ripe for catching up.
    Episode 599 is another great story from NPR and hidden in there is the value that radio plays. I wonder what the next version of the radio will be. It could be Twitter.
  • If you like video games or internet stuff in general you’ll like episode 2 of Upvoted, the podcast that dives deep into Reddit stories.

If you haven’t found a good podcast yet, start looking. They are my favorite form of media after books. If you have something good, let me know about it.


// photo is from a recent run, where I listened to a podcast.


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