Weekly Review 8: Have a Great post-Christmas Week

Merry Christmas! Hope you had a great time with friend and family. My own bookshelf grew nearly as much as my appetite for cookies.

What I’ve been reading.

I made some major progress in The Way of Kings. It’s an epic fantasy that I’m thankful to be reading on my Kindle. If you got a Kindle as a gift, here are 10 ways to use a Kindle beyond just reading books.

I’m still reading Antifragile (and still learning from it). Reading it got me thinking about resolutions and the value of chasing big ones. One part of antifragile thinking is to consider positive and negative asymmetrical events. Consider my diet; if I eat only Italian food (it will be delicious in the moment!) but I’ll see minimal benefits at best. However, if I go back to a more paleo-vegetable style diet, I know that I’ll have more energy and will have better odds of avoiding the flu. One option leads to minimal gains at best, the other option has a much larger upside.
This is asymmetrical thinking, to find things with great upside (and avoid those with great downside). A downside example would be if I were to begin enjoying the winter weather on a snowmobile. I doubt I would get much enjoyment (upside) from the thrill of riding and could get seriously hurt (downside).

I’m also reading Switch by the Heath brothers. I started this earlier in the year and picked it up again to review for Productivityist, but also to think about how to leverage its ideas in the new year. Even though some of the book’s ideas are redundant to other things I’ve read, going over it again reinforces and builds on my existing understanding. I’ve learned that as I study stoicism, I understand it more deeply and can apply it more readily. To link to the first book, I can “bind myself” more easily.

What I’ve been listening to.

I downloaded the Antifragile audiobook to supplement my reading. I skipped most all podcasts this week so not much to report here.

What I’ve been working on.

My stoic book is getting the penultimate printed and digital polishes before going online. This book grew out of a section in a different project that I shared with a few people and I’m grateful to those that read that early draft. It feels odd to have asked for feedback on something and not move forward with those ideas, but also the right thin to do.

My official marathon training begins in the new year. I’m running in the Glass City Marathon at the end of April. I’m also looking for a pair of used cross country skis if you know of any pairs that come with a size 10/11 boot. Cross country skiing (unlike snowmobiling) has a positive asymmetry.


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