Do it right

We recently got back from a family trip to Disney. One of the many sights was the Osborne lights (seen above) and is it a sight. Thousands upon thousands of lights synced to music. Walking through it felt surreal and seizure inducing.
One thing I’m always struck my at Disney is how much effort goes into all of their ideas. There’s no reason to light up part of a park, but they do and they do it well.
Doing it well is one thing I’ve been thinking about more of lately. A few current writing products are coming along, but none are done right. Yet.
Doing it the right way takes time and experience. When I don’t have one, I need to compensate more with the other. One of my working ideas going forward is to make what I do stand up to the test of time. Blog posts here and other places I write need to skim over the hyperbole of the moment and land in a place where they can have lasting value. That’s one way to work on doing it right.


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