What I’ve Been Reading (August)

August was a slower month for my reading, but that’s not atypical. My counts for the last four years in August have been 1,5, 3, 3. This is the month final vacations are squeezed in, yard work completed, and people in Ohio start to appreciate being outside because, like Jon Snow, we know winter is coming. Here’s what I read.

It Starts with Food. I actually read this in June, but after consulting with my wife I realized I didn’t understand it deeply. The reread, or first read depending on your perspective, included taking notes and I finished the book much better versed. Not only that, but I’m writing a summary of our experiences to share with others. Things like habits, “breakfast”, and preparation all play a role in what we eat. I’m also working on cookbook to help inspire people who want to change their diet – and ultimately their life.

Bird by Bird was a recommendation from Ryan Holiday, whose email reading list is always one of my favorite ones to get for the month. I’ve seen this book quoted often at Brain Pickings but never picked it up. The book is full of great examples, and reminded me that while I’m not as talented as Lamott, I’m also not as neurotic. Hopefully the former is not proportional to the latter.

Give and Take This was another book I had seen, even picked up from the new release table at my public library, but never got around to reading. This was too bad because it is a great book. Professor Adam Grant writes about the difference between people he identifies as Givers and Takers. On the one hand, there seems to be a lot of inclusion by convenience, where Grant develops a model and then finds people to fit it. On the other hand, everything he passes the sniff test. A longer review is coming at Productivityist.

I didn’t read either this month, but my book reviews for The Five Elements of Effective Thinking and The Up Side of Down, are online at Productivityist this month.

If you read something good let me know in the comments, or on Twitter, @MikeDariano.


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