Using WorkFlowy for What To Do Next

My biggest problem with the WorkFlowy app is that I can’t see the big picture stuff over time and have it automatically populate. In a perfect world I want my tasks to arrange themselves in the order they need done and automatically remove themselves when completed. In fairness though, I can’t find any app. Rather than wishing for this system I changed my question to ask, what if it wasn’t automatic, what if I did it manually? A benefit of manual operation is being more tuned in to the overall projects I’m working on, another is better organization. One step in my journey to being a professional writer was to develop good habits, one of which was being organized. Evernote has evolved into the role of dictionary and encyclopedia, and so I turned to WorkFlowy to try and refine how productive I could be.

I decided to organize my account by projects, right now it looks like this:

My WorkFlowy Home Screen

The main projects are; the Stoic Sundays blog series, a work in progress about our four bodies (more coming soon), my regular blog posts, any freelance posts like my monthly book review, another writing project I’m calling Whole30 Diary (read how the first 5 days went), and a Misc. category.

This organization is fine for laying out what to do, but it fails to address what to do next. This is where I thought an automated system would work best, but for the last two weeks I’ve found that a manual one works even better.

Each day after I finish working in the mornings, I mark off any items that were completed. If something is the next logical step, I tag it with #next. I also have an alarm that goes off each evening, to check things are tagged for the next day and review how different projects are progressing. For example, under Blog posts I chose to work on “Using the next tag in workflowy” post.

The list of blog posts to write, note the #next tag to show what I planned on doing next.

You also see that post tagged with #proof, more on that next week.

In the morning I search my account for “#next”, choose one of the things that comes up and begin that work. This tag and searching works at both the global and local level. Typically I search from the Home screen where all my projects reside, to get a full picture of all the “next” things to do:

The global #next search

In the image above, you can see that there are things to do both in the “Four bodies book” project and the “Blog posts” project.

If I need to focus on a single project I can do a local search for any #next tags, this search was within “Blog posts” under the Home category:

A local search within “Blog posts” for the #next tag


That’s how I use the #next to keep me working in WorkFlowy. Do you have any tagging advice? Let me know on Twitter, @MikeDariano.


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