What I’ve Been Listening To (July 2014)

July felt like a slow listening month, both because I didn’t listen to very much and none of it was great.  Here are a few notable things.

Adam Carolla was very good on the James Altucher podcast. He’s not a comedian I often think of listening to but in this interview he was smart, funny, and real. After this interview I plan on listening to his new audio book, President Me.

Seth Godin was also a guest on the Altucher podcast and he was great for different reasons. Godin talked about working consistently toward a goal, how words matter, and that he has a pair of free books floating around the internet.

Planet Money had a series of good but not great podcasts. Three of their more interesting questions and answers were; why do different types of M&M candy packages weigh different amounts,why can’t movie theaters sell variable pricing tickets, and why is milk in the back of the store. The last my was favorite, in part because it includes interview with Michael Pollan and Russ Roberts.

Neil Strauss was on the Tim Ferriss podcast talking about the act of writing and doing amazing work. My favorite part of this interview was when Strauss explained his interview preparations. He will come up with a bunch of questions based on his research, write them down, memorize them, and then throw the list away when it’s time for the interview. He tells Ferriss that this makes for a better interview. It reminded me of the first of The Five Elements of Effective Thinking, earth. To really know something you must understand your subject deeply.

I just started listening to the Jeff Goins podcast and he had a pair of good interviews. One with Robert Green – again about writing – and another with Chris Guillebeau about creating your own freedom.

Mike Vardy was on the Beyond the To-Do List podcast with Erik Fisher and they had a good conversation. This podcast is one of my favorites because it gets beyond the click-bait headlines and focused on real things real people do. Erik does a nice job interviewing people and Vardy teaches productivity in a nicely measured way.

While I’m not sold the Home Work podcast will make a permanent home in my queue, the episode with Jordan Cooper was a good one. Rather than taking away good tips for working from home (something I’m slowly figuring out) I liked hearing Jordan’s work process, inability to compromise on some things and focusing on the things we are best at.

Have you listened to anything good this month? I’m always looking to sample new shows, let me know on Twitter, @MikeDariano.


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