A Newsletter about My Writing Journey

My Desk

After announcing that I want to be an author, I started the journey and one of the first steps was to create a newsletter. The chief benefit is that it will share my writing story is a singular place. If you want that channel please subscribe via email, if you don’t you can keep reading the blog as it is. If you want to subscribe you can do so here.


Becoming an author is going to be like eating a whale, not knowing exactly where to start but to get started and take it one bite at a time. The newsletter will be your seat at the table while I try to eat the whale.

There will be twice monthly emails about what where I am in the writing process. I’ll show you the compass and map I’ve got laid out and tell you why I headed in one direction rather than another. I’ll share workflow ideas for writing and ideas for balancing it with life. If you subscribe you’ll get the three week diary of how I wrote my first book, Read More Books.  The diary shares what my biblio-outline was, how after three days I thought I was awesome, and what happened after my work in progress got shaken around like a snow globe.

//Photo is of my current desk, a bookshelf with the top two shelves removed.


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