My First Real (though short) Book

After deciding to be a professional writer and outlining my six step plan I had to finally write a book. What actually happened was that I had already wrote one.

Before I had even thought about saying I wanted to be a writer I had been acting like one. I was parading around, doing writer like things like typing rough drafts, refining my workflow, and creating lists of ideas. I felt scared to actually admit to any of this. It’s easy to write and not share because while no one will praise it, no one will critique it. It was time for me to publish a book.

The book is about how I started reading more. In looking at my own journey I found an underlying pattern.  An unintentional twelve step program. Using ideas from 168 Hours and The Power of Habit for roots, I created a new tree my story could branch out from.

The book in a single paragraph is this; reading more has a slew of benefits but people can’t seem to bring themselves to do it. If you build good reading habits, make wise choices about spending your time, and have good tools for what and how to read, you will read more. That’s it.

Of course it’s not that easy. Just as eating healthier can be summed up  as “eat more vegetables” or being wealthier as “make more money.” What we need is the in-between details. In this book that foliage grew from many fields; behavioral economics, psychology, video games (surprisingly helpful), families, and the pursuit of happiness. I also include information from podcasts, author interviews, and long form writing online.

Read More Books: Hijack your Habits, Tame your Time, and Find Better Tools for Reading More Books is available on Amazon as a Kindle book for $0.99. It’s an approximate 36 pages, perfect for a pair of evenings on the couch or airport lounge.

A final note. Being a parent helped me publish this book because it gave me practice in letting go.  At some point you have to let your kids into the world alone and hope you did your best. This book is the same. It’s got a few flaws, but for the moment I did my best.


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