Using Evernote for Annual Home Maintenence

My favorite Evernote blogger, Jamie Rubin, has a lot of great content about Evernote and nearly all the things he writes about I consider implementing. There is one area though that I don’t use the same as him, automation. In my experiences automation does take less conscious work on my part, but there are some things I need to be conscious of.  I think that Jamie gets by this by conducting regular reviews (see this post) but that’s not my habit and I work better using manual input and searches.

The start

The start

One of those ways is creating a note in my Home Notebook for annual maintenance.  We’re living in the second of two homes my wife and I purchased and there is a lot that goes into keeping a house up and running. When we were renters we whiffed on this idea, but as homeowners we, er, own it.

The problem for me is remembering when to do things and when I did them the previous year. For example, this past winter was bitter cold in Ohio and we use propane to warm our home. Our propane supplier allows us to pre-buy some number of gallons at fall prices for winter delivery.  This makes a big difference as last fall you could buy it for $2.09 a gallon and it peaked at $5.00 this winter.

So I’ve started a nascent note that will include things I do each month.

For example; when I change our furnace filter, when I inspect our generator and change the oil, when I get the propane buying information, when we stain our swing-set, when we pick strawberries, when our garden is started, when we first turn on the AC and then turn it off.

Evernote fits this perfectly because I can start to add things in that I think I need and even if I don’t need them anymore they can languish at the bottom of a note.


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