What I’ve been Reading (May 2014)

I’m finally ready to say that reading has become the default choice for if I have a few free moments.  This has been in part due to a few things.  One, it helps that I’ve actually bought some books, breaking my allegiance to the public library. I still enjoy the library and will get books from there again but twice this month I was struck by needing some book from Amazon.com and ordering enough to get free shipping.

My book total for the year is 28 books, May marking the month I passed the half-way point.  I finished The Council of Dads and will have a post coming about that soon. It was good.  Drink was also good though it seemed like the interviews tilted toward who the author knew rather than a broader swath of people. A minor complaint if any.

This month I also finished reading The Obstacle is The Way, Ryan Holiday’s very well researched book on stoic thought and its application throughout history. One particular point to praise is that Holiday found examples that made his points like few other writers do.  Almost nowhere do I read about Teddy Roosevelt and Andrew Carnegie.

I also finished For The Win: How Game Thinking can Revolutionize Your Business.  I bought this to compare it to the class I took under the same name. The book compliments the class ideas but if you get a chance to only do one, take the class. The videos take a lot more time but the explanations and illustrations by Professor Werbach make up for it.

Chasing Daylight was the story about Eugene O’Kelly, CEO of KPMG and his terminal diagnosis with a brain tumor at age 53. It’s the only book about dying that I’ve encountered written when someone is so close to death – Kelly was six months away when diagnosed. The book didn’t resonate with me, maybe in part because of our different lifestyles.

The 5 Love Languages.  Some podcast last fall mentioned this and I borrowed the audiobook.  It was good enough that I have another post coming about it.  There were two powerful themes; that your spouse may think in different terms than you and here are the ways you might qualify them. I’ll apply some of the ideas from this book in all my relationships, not only my marriage.

Right now I’ve got a pile of 7 books from Amazon on my self.  Currently I’m reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and next up is a digital library loan, The Up Side of Down by Megan McArdle.

What did you read this month?


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