What I’ve been Listening to (May 2014)

It’s been a great time of year to be outside and listening to anything. It’s amazing how great sunshine and a slow breeze feels on your skin.  In May I’ve ran 42 miles and walked 19.  I’m always listening to something during these strides as well as my solo time in the car which has probably come to an end now that school is out for the year. Here are some of my favorite things.

The only audio-book I started was The 5 Love Languages.  Over at People Smarter Than Me I love writing about the ways other people use framing to look at an idea and I write about that a lot here as well (Reframe Your World).  In The Five Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman talks about doing things for your spouse in a love language they appreciate.  Do they like gifts of money or time or do they prefer words of affirmation? The book reminded me of the Meyers & Briggs personality tests I took during my AmeriCorps year.  The person administering the test said we shouldn’t treat others how we’d like to be treated, but treat them how they’d like to be treated.

On his podcast James Altucher has two of my favorite interviews yet, Ryan Holiday and Stephen Dubner. Both have new books out, Holiday’s was very good, Dubner’s I’m still waiting for.  The former has a great talk about living a more stoic lifestyle – be the user, not the slave to gifts of fortune – and the latter is filled with so many good behavioral economic and psychological ideas.

Planet Money continued to rock it’s episodes by answering two questions; how much technology is in a UPS truck and who owns song lyrics you search for online?

Tim Ferriss started a podcast.  His interview with Ryan Holiday (of course I listened to it too) was like a next level version of stoicism from the Altucher one.  He also had a good episode six where it seemed like he remixed a blog post to a podcast episode.

Zach Lowe continues to say really smart basketball things on his podcast. I’ve written how sports has faded from my life but if I ever return to watching sports it will be because people like Lowe are offering commentary that appeals to me.

Aside from Ferriss there isn’t much of anything new on this list.  Let me know what I’m missing in the comments or on Twitter, @MikeDariano.


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