Using Evernote to Track Caulking Projects

Well that’s not a link-baiting title but I don’t know what exactly it is.  This spring has been filled with projects around our house. We’ve installed a basketball pole, demolished our patio, and done hours of landscaping.  This is besides our regular planting and weeding of the garden and keeping the yard looking nice enough.

I always like getting my tool box out for projects, snapping straight lines, and running my circular saw through two by fours. What I don’t like about any home projects is wasting time or resources.  Two things that seem to take too much time or waste too many supplies are plaster and caulk.  They seem to dry out on me more than anything else and I only every use them for a small job here or there.

My problem is that I wasn’t keeping track of all the things that needed plastering and caulking. I’m going to keep track of them now in Evernote.

The list just started but it includes so many areas of my house that I would never remember each of them; exterior, garage attic, and bathroom.  Having the list of things may also allow these small items to become their own mini-projects. I wouldn’t open a caulk tube to fix one thing unless it was really important, but if I have eight different places to go with it then it’ll be a mini-project to take care of.

Here’s what my note looks like:


Have you used Evernote for home improvement lists too? Let me know on Twitter, @MikeDariano.


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