Advice from Smart People

Whenever I read a really good book I’m struck by how smart that person sounds. Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis are at the top of this list of nonfiction, Neil Gaiman is wonderful too, and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is filled with little nuggets of literary pleasure. It’s just a wonder that a human being with 99.999% of the same genes I have, is able to do that.

Another writer I enjoy is James Altucher and his strongest effect on me was to come up with an idea list. He’s had two good podcasts about it and I’ve been an almost daily devotee of making lists.  One of those lists had the seeds for a new project I started,  People Smarter Than Me where I share the smart things I get exposed to. Here are a few posts I’ve done so far:

The account also has a Twitter profile, which only populates the blog posts, @Smarter_People.  I’ll still mostly converse through @MikeDariano.


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