What are you Choosing to Plant?

I’ve never admitted spring to be my favorite season. Normally fall is first, summer is second, and then spring and winter tie to be in the money. I don’t know why that is because spring has a lot of stuff I enjoy. There’s the Kentucky Derby, the first flowers, and the first tepid temperatures of the year.  The spring is also when I work the most in my garden.

I’ve written about my garden a few other times, like washing the dishes, it too makes me feel connected to my ancestors, it allows me to reflect on hard work, and let’s me be outside. I’ve even written about how to use Evernote for gardening.

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. – Cicero

Right now I’ve been planting spring crops in some of our beds and getting the rest ready for the summer and fall crops that will soon be planted. Part of this means digging up the pesky dandelions that take root there and it was in digging these weeds that I was struck by something profound.  What am I choosing to plant in my garden of life?

Our lives are analogous to a garden. We get to choose what we plant and if we don’t choose anything something will grow there anyway.  In our lives and gardens we need to make plans and be active in their application. In my garden we have a lot of garlic planted, because we like garlic. In life you and I get to choose what our garlic is, what do we dedicate the most time and resources to?  At my house we’ll also plant spaghetti squash, maybe that’s not your squash of choice, but what do you choose?

Planning a garden takes time. You’re constantly adapting to what you want to eat, what you can grow, and how much of it you want. My kids have decided they don’t like carrots anymore, but I still planted as many as last year. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with that but we will find out. In six weeks our garden will have all the makings of a salad. In six weeks our daughters will have all the makings of playing outside. We choose salad and being active outside.

Some of my raised beds are still in rough, ragged shape from the clay soil we naturally have. These beds take extra time and attention to get into the planting shape. I see this with my daughters all the time, some days one needs a lot of extra care, attention, or loving. It’s also true with projects and relationships. Even though I plant vegetables each year, each year I need to spend the time working the soil over to be ready for those things.

What are your gardening plans? What are you going to eat in three, six, or nine months? What needs done to get those things? How many of each plant do you want? What plants needed weeded, what ones need watered?


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