Amazon’s Whispersync, Amazing Wonder

I finished How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life using Amazon’s Whispersync service and it is the future.  Whispersync is the technology behind matching the place in a Kindle digital book and Audible audiobook.  For example, I read the first twenty pages of something on my Kindle and then go to leave for work.  I open up my Audible app and it goes to the exact page I left off at, where I can continue listening. I listen on my drive to work, then open up the Kindle iPhone app during lunch break and it jumps to where I left of on the audiobook.  The technology functioned perfectly during my use of it and I will certainly use it again.

If you want to find books that offer Whispersync, look for this description below the main portion of a book’s page.


Some other thoughts I’ve had:

  • The note taking system on the Audible app were the same on the Kindle. I could bookmark and add my own thoughts with ease and this was important because often times I want the exact wording from an audiobook and I could get that from the Kindle copy.
  • This was expensive compared to using my public library.  The Kindle version cost $11 and the audiobook another $5 on top of that.
  • But it was convenient.  I had borrowed the same book from the library and only managed to read about 50 pages.  Between the audiobook on Kindle app on my iPhone and my Kindle, it was hard not to read this book.
  • The $16 total was around the $15-21 price range for other audio versions.
  • The audiobook was not read by the author, but the narrator Patrick Lawlor did a wonderful job.
  • I’ve done this manually with library books, matching my place between versions, and it’s not as convenient, simple, or quick. Whispersync just works automatically.

What have you been reading?


2 thoughts on “Amazon’s Whispersync, Amazing Wonder

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