5 Ways to Use Drafts App with Evernote

This post was started early Tuesday morning.  By midday Tuesday Jamie Rubin published his post on using Drafts.  It is much better than mine. 

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5s and am in the process of installing several apps I had abandoned because my old iPhone was a bit too slow and lacked storage space.  One of those apps is Drafts.

Drafts is an app where you write first and save to something later.  With email, I type the address and subject first and then the message.  Within Evernote, I type the title and content and then find the notebook.  With messages, I find the person and then type the messages.

With Drafts, I always type first.

The advantage to this is a consistent procedure and thought process.  I don’t know how much more efficient consistent sequencing of typing will be, but it feels right and has been most efficient with Evernote.

Evernote keeps so many things for me, but also keeps them organized.  I don’t want to sort through grocery lists, book lists, and shipping receipts.  I want those things to be organized.  Drafts allows this through different actions, here are some ideas.

5 Draft actions for Evernote

Updating my Grocery List.  My grocery list is saved in Evernote because it allows me to add things while standing in front of my fridge, while looking at Pinterest recipes on my iPad, or seeing what’s in sale advertisements on my computer.

Updating my Reading List.  I use an Amazon.com WishList to save nearly all the books I want to read or check out.  The problem with this is that I very rarely buy the books.  In nearly all the cases I’ll first get the book from the library and then if I want to read it again I’ll buy it.  Keeping the reading list in Evernote will keep my WishList better organized.

Adding item to my Idea List.  I subscribe to James Altucher’s idea about exercising your mental muscle and try to write a list of ideas everyday.  These lists range from things to do with my daughters, meals I want to learn to cook from memory, and stories to write.  Like it doesn’t much rather when you run to, so long as you go running.  It doesn’t much matter what I make a list of, so long as I make a list.

Adding ides for Blog Posts.  This blog post started in Drafts.  I haven’t written about Evernote in a few weeks and wrote a list of ideas (see above) about Evernote posts.  This was one.

Adding any Text to Evernote.  Sometimes there will be a random tracking number or other text data I want to save to Evernote.

Writing a Journal in Evernote.  I’m trying this one out because it seems like something I will enjoy after some use.  My guess is that the process of opening up the app to journal OR add anything else will bring a lot of ideas and good things.

How to get started

Getting the hang of the Drafts took some time, in part because my Evernote notebook structure has gotten a bit messy.  I had added nested notebooks while organizing some projects earlier in the year and my zeal overstepped from organized to tangled.  Installing Drafts led me to better arrange my notebooks.

Then there were some learning along the way because I didn’t know exactly how to format the actions.  Once I got everything set up, Mr. Rubin posted his post which cleared everything up.  Instead of trying to add to it, I’ll recognize it again here.

If you are an iOS user and want to optimize the way you use Evernote check it out. For more on Drafts, also read Mike Vardy’s posts at Productivityist.


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