Where Else I’ve Been Writing

Most of the writing I do is on this blog, but I’ve done some writing elsewhere too this month.

First, I’ve started a new site, People Smarter Than Me.  I realized while reading books, watching TED Talks, and listening to podcasts that there were a lot of brilliant people and I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned from them.  One of those smart people is Tyler Cowen, who linked to one of my first articles – Will A Computer Hire You?  I also wrote about how to negotiate (or at least talk with) your kids, and what the future of education might be.

I also wrote a guest post for Jamie Rubin about my thinking behind 27GoodThings.  Jamie’s a great blogger.  He’s never writing “10 ways that you haven’t read on Lifehacker to brew coffee and coca-cola” or other nonsense.  His posts are clear, consistent, and carefully done.  It’s amazing he let me in the door for a guest post.  He’s my go-to guide for thoughts on writing, Evernote, and technology.

I’ve been regularly updating the books I’ve read page on this blog.  I posted an overview of those yesterday, but I like the way that page looks compared to what I formerly used on Goodreads.   The biggest takeaway for my reading more has been to prioritize reading.  Instead of opening Twitter or Feedly when I have a few extra minutes, I’ll open the Kindle App on my phone.

— Here’s 10 other reasons to buy a Kindle. —

This month I’ve also done a better job with writing my book on fatherhood.  I’m adding content almost daily and getting into an editing process to work through the things I’ve already written.  The excerpts for many of the essays are this blog.

I also wrote a guest post for Startup Chat about the book Manage Your Day-To-Day.  The book’s great and I’m really happy the way Alex helped me tweak the summary for the site.

What does all this writing look like in numbers?  Thanks to Rubin’s scripts, here’s what my writing has looked like so far this month.  I missed writing on four days this month and averaged 711 words per day.  Thanks Jamie!

chart_5 (1)


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