My Best Evernote Posts this Year

The year is winding down and instead of a fresh post about using Evernote, I wanted to share the five most popular Evernote posts from this year.  Combined these five posts had almost 1,o00 views.

Using Evernote to manage your bills.

This tip with reminders, photos, and confirmation numbers has been put to heavy use this month as I’ve opened a few credit cards for the rewards they offered.

Using Evernote to save passwords.

Like using Evernote to manage bills, this technique has also been used a lot this month.  In addition to the Chase, AmEx, and other credit card logins, I’ve also started to manage my reward numbers for Delta SkyMiles and Marriott Rewards.

Using Evernote to start your day right.

This was probably my favorite Evernote post of the year but a method that I’ve fallen away from.  I just finished The Compound Effect and this idea of planning, tracking, and choosing actions fits right in the window that the book suggests.  I will re-start this.

Using Evernote to plan a trip.

Another idea that I used a number of times this year.  Evernote was present in our trips to Cincinnati and Walt Disney World and we’ve started planning trips for 2014 that I’m certain Evernote will accompany us on.

Using Evernote with written notes.

This was probably my second favorite, clever, Evernote tip this year.  With two kids in school we get a lot of pieces of paper that I turn into scrap for art projects, paper to make notes during phone calls, and writing things down when I read them.  I can quickly add those things into Evernote with a quick photo.

Evernote is my number one tool after email and while email could be replaced by Twitter, Facebook, phone calls and texts, I’m not sure what could replace Evernote.

Happy Holidays.


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