Drop Dead Healthy (more quotes)

I finished A.J. Jacobs’ Drop Dead Healthy.  It is wonderful.  Jacobs explains things in a witty, accurate way.  He tackles 24 body parts among them, head, shoulders, knees, and toes, knees and toes.  Each body part gets an explanation about the things almost everyone agrees on (eat more dark green vegetables) and then Jacobs looks at some of the more eccentric ideas (vegetarian and paleo).  The best part of the book is Jacobs’ writing and the health information secondary. I learned a few good pieces of information (belly breathing, posture, HIIT) but the best parts were when I laughed, which also happens to be very healthy.  Here are two – of many – more of my favorite quotes.

Quoting Emo Philips

I used to think the brain was the most wonderful organ in the body. Then I realized who was telling me that.

On a the 5:30am ferry to a triathlon.

I take a subway downtown to the ferry terminal. Tony is waiting for me, and we wheel our bikes up a ramp and onto the 5:30a.m. boat to Staten Island. There are two types of passengers on that boat. It isn’t overly difficult to tell them apart. There are those with lightweight bikes, aerodynamic helmets, and water bottles And there are those with leopard-skin skirts and primary-color hair and thick mascara, teens returning from a hard night of partying in Manhattan.

I shared a few more quotes in this post.

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