Using WorkFlowy as a Throwaway Calendar

As a stay-at-home father I have a schedule I understand.  Most days begin with feeding my daughters then probably off to school, then maybe the library, then another school, and maybe gymnastics.  These days aren’t regular but the varied parts of them have become habit.  Oh, and there’s the cleaning.


Some days I have to travel for work, to observe student teachers give lessons.  On these days, when I’m traveling to different schools and running atypical errands I like to have a view of what’s happening and when.  A view that lets me cross things off as I do them and have a list of of things I need to do at each one.

Enter WorkFlowy.

For example, last Friday I had to be at Washington Elementary at 9:40am.  I’ve only been to the school once so I needed to give myself extra time.  Planning it out like this also makes me consider what I have to do and when.

To some extent Google Calendar does all this, but using WorkFlowy not only tells me where I’m going and when, but also what I need to do when I’m there.

That Lowes list is sparse enough to just remember but at Aldi things are a bit more exhaustive.  I hate forgetting things at the grocery store and making  sure I get everything for dinner that week is important.

As I went through this Friday I marked things off as they got completed and an already simple list became even simpler.

Part 1 and Part 2 of why you should check out WorkFlowy are both online.

One side note:  I had an organizational issue this past week that led me back to Evernote.  For this issue I could have used WorkFlowy – and as part of this experiment maybe I should have – but having it in Evernote seemed to make more sense.


2 thoughts on “Using WorkFlowy as a Throwaway Calendar

    • I considered this because it would be too foreign with everything else in my life. From explaining our car clock to my wife to translating things back and forth for people I interact with.
      Maybe I’ll revisit it and try again because you make a nice point about the inherent simplicity of it.

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