Evernote Tuesdays will now be Workflowy Wednesdays


I really like Evernote.  It serves as my grocery list, saves travel plans, and keeps my list of home projects.  But Evernote has never solved my biggest need – getting things done.  I’ve tried using custom searches and checked boxes but those things never hooked me.  Recently I’ve been using a new tool, WorkFlowy*.

WorkFlowy is a hierarchical list app that allows me to make a list and then check things off as I finish them.  For the next month (maybe two ) I’ll be sharing some of my WorkFlowy tips instead of Evernote tips.

I’m not giving up Evernote because it still is the central pole holding up my big-top online life.  Workflowy is like the new circus act that’s wowing the crowds off the to the side.

Tomorrow will be the first Workflowy post.

*Links to WorkFlowy will be affiliate links where I’ll earn additional space if you sign up.  


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