Does this Fit your Overall Plan?

20131029-123115.jpgI was listening to Pat Flynn’s SPI episode 76 and Pat shared a simple bit of advice that resonated with me while I was driving.  Before he begins something he asks himself if that thing fits in his overall plan.

Does this fit in my overall plan?

There are times when I’ll wonder where my time went each day and when I examine my activities this little bits will stick out like gravel stuck in a bike tire.  Little moments where I chose something that didn’t fit in my overall plan, little moments wasted.

I also used this question to pre-condition myself to upcoming choices that I’m going to be making:

  • Does Halloween candy fit into my overall plan?  No.
  • Does 15 minutes of exercise fit into my overall plan? Yes.
  • Does sniping at my wife fit into my overall plan? No.
  • Does being patient fit into my overall plan? Yes.

Each time I found myself asking and answer one of these questions my overall plan for life came into sharper view.

I’m reading Stephen King’s The Gunslinger and the first forty percent of the book details his travels across the desert.  In a number of instances The Gunslinger will see something on the horizon but not be sure of what it is, but then as he gets closer the object gains clarity.  As this clarity increases so does The Gunslinger’s focus on what will happen.

Confusion to clarity to focus through one question, does this fit my overall plan?


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