Saving Temporary Numbers (Evernote)


Photo taken with Pressgram

Evernote is great for keeping lists of stuff (Grocery Lists, Dinner Lists, and School Supplies) among other things.

One of those handy other things is temporary numbers.  For me this most often means shipping labels for packages that I think are safely with the USPS.  This is not always the case.

Contained in this package was clothes.  It was nearly two-hundred dollars worth and I certainly didn’t want it to get lost and if  it did, that I could track it.  By taking a picture and saving it to Evernote I knew that I would always have it.

Except that I don’t always need to.

Evernote keeps stuff forever but things like this I don’t want forever.  I just want it until it gets delivered and processed.  When I take a picture of something temporary, I set a reminder in Evernote to notify me to check up on it.   For shipping packages it’s the longest date in their estimate 5-7 day arrival window.  Other times it will be the expiration date or date something is due.

When the reminder notifies me I can login and see that neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night prevented my package from its safe arrival.  After that the note gets sent to the trash.


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