The Garden Of Envy (quote)

A favorite interviewee is Tyler Cowen who had this exchange on EconTalk.

Cowen: But for ordinary Americans like (sic)  the home of envy is Facebook.

Russ: Explain.

Cowen: That’s where envy blossoms. You look at the people you grew up with, the people you know, you see how well they are doing; if they are doing better than you, you feel bad. That’s what I observe. You’re not worried about the Titans of Silicon Valley–you know, he earned another billion, I hate that guy. I don’t see much of that.

The interview had many good parts about inequality, quality of life, artificial intelligence, augmented intelligence, the future, the past, economics, and more.  Cowen is probably the smartest person I regularly read, Russ Roberts is one of the better interviewers.  Cowen’s new book is Average Is Over: Powering America Beyond the Age of the Great Stagnation


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