Quickly Save Notes in iOS using Twitter (Evernote)


What is the fastest way to save a note to Evernote on an iPhone?  Like Ishmael I’m always angling to answer this question.

In the past I would email a link  using my Evernote email address but I recently found an even faster way for quick notes.

Browsing the excellent Marginal Revolution I found a post that listed some book titles I wanted to save.  I tapped and held my finger over the post title until the screen to the left appeared.  From there I chose Copy and had the URL copied to my clipboard.

20131012-062736.jpgHaving copied the URL I pulled down from the top of the screen and tapped on the built-in share on Twitter button.  Normally I never use this button to tweet from and I hadn’t thought of using it with the  @myen Twitter account.  This Evernote powered account will save tweet information when you tweet at it.

Trying this, I pasted the link I had copied and sent it off to Evernote.

The drawback to this system is that it makes my default notebook – where all these tweets land – a huge mess.  If I don’t add any other text to clarify what I’m saving then the note looks like Twitter reply:@myen htp://fafdakjvh or so.

This isn’t bothersome or cumbersome because these types of notes only require a quick follow-up.  In this example note I will follow the link to Marginal Revolution and then follow the Amazon link from there.

Evernote provides a full set of instructions for setting up the @myen Twitter account to work.

Anyone else have tips for saving things using Twitter?


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