What Does a Stay at Home Father Do All Day? (part 2)

My first post on what I do all day was one of the most popular posts from June and I decided to write another one.  The motivation for this wasn’t to drive even more traffic to this widely successful blog, which sometimes gets tens of tens of views in a single day, but more personal. I found that if I’m telling people what I did then I want it to be something I’m proud of. I want it to be a list of things that I would put on a billboard or business card or LinkedIn profile if I had one of those.

Like the last post there was almost no television although I was hopping on Twitter more than I would have thought.  Here’s my day for Tuesday, September 24th.

What does a stay at home father do all day?

600.  Woke up and made coffee and a small bowl of uncooked quick oats.  I was looking at nutrition labels and thinking about cost of food and decided that oats might be the best food.  I usually add some raisins or nuts to go along with my coffee.

I sat down to write.  I added 800 words to a piece of fiction I’m crawling through and tried to edit a 1200 word essay to around 950.  At first I thought it would be impossible to cut it down from its perfect state, but the more I looked, the easier it got.

I also changed the 27GoodThings.com blog theme and thanked a few people on Twitter.

815. The kids begin to wake up.  I start to feed them.  They’re both in school, soccer, and gymnastics right now and they’re eating like crazy. In the past they would have been content with a bowl of cereal and banana but now they want more.  It’s neat to see and great they won’t grow into teenage boys – though my wife says I’ll still be impressed by what teenage girls can put away.  I also start a load of laundry.

900.  I’m able to brush my teeth, change my clothes, make my bed and get the kitchen cleaned up.  Wait, cleaning the kitchen, this is starting to sound like the last time I did this.

930.  Somehow I found ten minutes of free time and was browsing the public libraries website.  My kids are either playing nicely somewhere or making a mess of the kitchen.

945. Both girls had changed into clothes for the day but now both are changing into something else. It’s good that we don’t need to be anywhere until noon.  I also make a phone call to cancel a pet-boarding reservation.  In the next hour I’ll also reset the password to a credit card account, finish the laundry, and get the sink emptied of any dishes.

1045. Both girls are playing nicely with each other.  I start to get ready to take them to school.  It’s nice out today and we decide to ride the bike and trailer the four miles to school.  I bought the trailer used earlier in the year and riding them to school is a great way for me to get some exercise.  The biggest problem now is that the passengers are getting bigger. It is certainly the last year both of them will fit in the trailer so when they do ride in it, I try to make it as pleasant as possible.  Today that meant peanut butter and nutella sandwiches along with a new audiobook from the public library.  Our library has audio books you can borrow and my girls are wings deep in a series written about fairies.  Thanks Daisy Meadows!

1130. We’re on the bike and in the trailer and riding to school.  It takes an hour to get there and back.

1230. When we arrive home my three year old wants to take the iPod and listen to more books in bed so I help her climb into our bed and tuck her in.  I eat lunch, scroll through Twitter, and reply to a few emails.

115. This is rare.  I read outside for twenty minutes – by myself.  I feel refreshed.

135. My no longer napping daughter comes outside too and we spread a blanket out on the grass and look at a butterfly book together.  Then we pretend that the wind is different noises.  She mostly thinks it has to do with fairies but since she’s so young I don’t have the heart to tell her that it’s obviously a dragon.  We also get the mail and put away a few living room toys.

240. We pick up her older sister from school, driving this time.  I’ve never ridden to school to get the kids because it’s congestion of high school drivers and black exhaust school busses.  We come home, have a snack, and talk about our day.

330. We begin to ‘paint’ pumpkins we picked on a field trip the previous day.  After painting the kids run off to play and I file some bills, re-arrange a kitchen cabinet, and prep dinner.

415. We sit together in our home office.  I’m sending out emails and editing the article I started the day with.  The kids are coloring.  We get ready for gymnastics, I take the dogs out so they can do what they need to do.

515. Gymnastics class.  I run to RiteAid for medicine while they’re in class and talk with another parent after.

715. Bedtime shuffle begins!  It’s this time of day when I feel most like a juggler – and consequently have the fewest notes written down.  I wash one kid, feed the other, feed the second and clean kid and feed myself.  I also clean up the kitchen (even though I thought it was clean).  I check my Evernote dinner list and get stuff for tomorrow out of the freezer.

820. We read books on the couch and their mother comes home after a twelve hour shift.

845. The kids are in bed. My wife and I continue watching Homeland.

1100.  My wife and I go to bed, to start it all again tomorrow.



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