Grocery List (Evernote)


My Grocery List

During any given week I’m making a lot of trips to places around town with our daughters such as their schools, the gym, and the library.  One way of maximizing my trips with the kids is to make sure I have our family grocery list with me.  For this I use Evernote.

Each week I plan out meals for each night based on what we need to eat, what’s on sale, and how busy we are.  On Tuesday nights we have gymnastics so dinner is always simple, if there is dinner at all.  Breakfast for dinner, leftovers, and even snacks before and after are all common.  These simple meals require something to eat and I use Evernote to help me plan them.

I structure my Evernote grocery list as I mentally structure the store; Produce, Aisles, Cool (Refrigerated), and Misc.

Under each of these headings I include the things we need.  We always need apples and bananas (produce) but sometimes there are requests for mushrooms and those go there.  Anything that sits in the produce section of our store, goes in that section of the lists, hence hummus is there too.

On Sunday I build my list from what’s on sale that week and what our dinner list dictates.  You can see that Gala apples were on sale for $1.18 a pound. I put that in my note not just to buy some at the beginning of the week, but to also stock up on them if I’m at the the store again that week.  My list will never be empty, even after coming home from the store, there will be something we immediately need or something we forgot.

Sometimes I’ll share the note with my wife before heading to the store, but after too many “Funions and Cheese!!!!” replies I’ve removed her from our grocery shopping planning.  She’s been nothing but trouble anyway.

You can get the supplies you need for that recipe you took a picture of, or use the checkbox feature that I found more helpful for buying school supplies.


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