How to use Evernote:Home Projects

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That note says I need to paint the side of our garage. It should be yelling it.

A year ago we had a  derecho that did a lot of damage to our area of Northwest Ohio but relatively little damage to us.  Part of our damage was that a tree limb punched it’s way through our garage siding and ripped through it like a knife going through a juicy summer steak.  It took me a long time to get around to fixing it and even longer to paint it.

But now, through the power of Evernote I will finish this project.  I really should have created this idea long ago.  We have a continual list of home projects ranging from This needs fixed or we will be really uncomfortable to It sure would be nice if _____.   I created a notebook called Home Projects and have begun compiling notes for these projects.  Here’s five reasons why I think this will work.

  1. I can organize supply lists.  Some past projects began with an idea and a hastily scribbled note of what I might need.  Now I can have a better list of the supplies I have and need.  For this note, I need paint before beginning.  
  2. I can lookup these ideas at the store.  Thanks to Evernote being everywhere I can double check measurements and other information relating to a project on the go when I have questions.
  3. I can be on the lookout for things when I’m not actively engaged in a project.  We would like a headboard for our bed but haven’t gotten around to finding one.  I can include wall dimensions, distance between wall outlets, door width and a picture of our room, so that if we find something unexpectedly we’ll know.
  4. I can keep track of the things my wife wants.  She says things, I don’t remember them.  For better or worse, Evernote will help this.
  5. I can plan the steps of a project.  Painting the garage is simple, buy paint, look out for good weather, have Grandma Betty watch my kids.

Even though it’s a simple note it did help me get it done.  The note sat in my Evernote account and I finally did get around to painting it, even with some help.
Painting the garage


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