The 8 iPhone apps I use most

20130702-073851.jpgWhen John Saddington began crippling his iPhone it got me thinking about how I really use my iPhone so I began pruning it.  I removed apps, organized, and simplified.  Now I’ve done it again and am down to the 8 best apps I have and what I use them for.  The background is a reminder of how I should live my life. Each time I see my phone I take one of those ideas and try to do it for the next hour, no excuses.  @Buster created the original list, check it out then make your own.

1. I use phone for calls.  Of the 8 apps this probably gets the least use.

2. Mail.  When I began pairing down my phone for the second time I began thinking about what I could consolidate.  I removed GoodReads and Facebook and instead use their email services and mobile sites to update, view and continue conversations.

3. Calendar.  I see my wife’s work schedule, plan our meals here, see my work schedule.

4. Music.  I removed the Downcast app because I was more bored with podcasts and more interested in audio books and music.  If you enjoy podcasts check it out.

5. Messages.  This app will either be the most or least used on any given day.

6. Safari.  Heavy use of mobile sites (IMDB, Facebook, DF) have replaced many dedicated apps and rss readers.

7. Evernote.  I use my phone mostly for capturing ideas and some limited reference.  Evernote on my phone is like my wallet.  All I need my wallet for most of the time is to hold a credit card but sometimes I need those other things.  Evernote is the same way.

8. Flickr. I’m back behind Flickr again.  It seems like Yahoo knows what to do with this service now, the filters are great, and it provides great options.  Most of all I don’t need to crop it like Instagram warrants.

The hardest app to take off was Feedly, my new reader.  I experimented with many different options (email, email filtering, Evernote notebooks, IFTTT, Instapaper, Kindle reading) and found that Feedly is probably* the best option for reading a lot of blogs.  I took it off because it sometimes distracted me from the task at hand.  Now I do all my reading away from my phone.

Why remove phone apps?

I spent too much time looking down and not enough time looking out.

Looking down or looking out- - Epic Dad



*The other options all had their benefits but Feedly is pretty good right now and could get a lot better.  



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