Couscous bowl (meal right, feel right)

Couscous bowl.

I found that our kids will eat just about any grain I feed them so long as they get some choices about the toppings. Rice and cheese. Spaghetti and sauce. Quinoa and butter. Couscous may be the most flexible of the group. It cooks in five minutes, matches with about any of the other toppings and is darn healthy.

Five kid friendly couscous toppings

  1. Raisins.  Our kid’s favorites.  
  2. Sliced Carrots.  Another favorite
  3. Honey. They would eat the furniture if I let them put honey on it.
  4. Almonds. Sliced or pieces would work best.
  5. Pistachios.  Our kids call these ‘Ogre boogers’ and think it’s the funniest thing in the world.
  6. Green onions. If your kids are adventurous.
  7. Cooked sweet onions. Call them something else and I’m almost certain they would it them.
  8. Sliced spinach.  Spinach can be added to almost anything because of its mild flavor.
  9. Cheeses.
  10. Any pasta sauce.

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