Good Things to Read

Here are some good online articles I’ve recently read.

Full-Time Dad vs Working.

I’m taking a week off work to look after my kids while my beautiful wife visits the UK to see her family. I’ve looked after the boys (2yrs and 5yrs old) for a full day before, but I’ve never done solo-parenting.

It’s both hard and wonderful

Do We Need to Fire the Entire Financial Advice Industry?

And yet almost all of this financial writing is lacking an absolutely critical underpinning. Without this foundation, the rest of their arguments are rendered floppy and useless, and thus the entire financial media industry is mostly wasting everyone’s time. This is a pretty monumental accusation for a lone writer to make from the vantage point of his living room couch, but here I am doing it, and with good reasons to back it up.

Are you ready to hear what they’re missing?

To Have or To Be.

Mentally, the opposite to having is being.  “Not having” is still in the paradigm of a having mindset, and therefore will regress.   “Being” is a new mindset, a healthy one that is not corrupted by consumerism.

A Helpful Guide to Becoming Unbusy.

2. Stop the glorification of busy. Busy, in and of itself, is not a badge of honor. In fact, directed at the wrong pursuits, it is actually a limiting factor to our full potential. It is okay to not be busy. Repeat this with me: It is okay to not be busy.


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