7 last minute Mother’s Day ideas

If you’re epic you understand that this is a joke. In Epic homes the gifts are wrapped, the children prepped, the meal planned and dishes or reservations are made ahead.  What if you’re not? We are all in the process of growing more Epic so maybe you forgot. Maybe you were closing big business deals, pushing code, playing with your kids or living life.  Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.  Here are your step by step questions to answer.

Who do you spend the day with?  Women are interesting creatures, ones I’m learning a lot from as they surround me and steal my heart and wallet.

  • If you have kids it’s all about your wife. She probably loses all the other holidays to her mom and mother-in-law.  Let her choose what happens. If she wants to go other places that’s fine but it’s her call to make. If you don’t see the other mothers make sure you bother your brother and other siblings to at least make a phone call or video chat.
  • If you have a girlfriend or fiance go visit someone. It will mean a lot to them, especially when you stop visiting them after having kids (see above).
  • If you have neither wife or girlfriend then go see your mother. Go, just go.

So what do you give or bring or do? Skip the flowers and a card.  All good gifts take time, you need to spend time doing something and you can’t convert time to money. Even though that’s how so many things work, the conversion here is an awful exchange rate.  For example, if you work four hours, make $100 and then spend that money on your wife that’s fine but she’ll probably be happier just having four hours of your time to help with planting flowers, or planning vacations, or cleaning out her car.  What are some better ideas then?

  1. If you have to buy something, give a gift she’s wanted for a long time. Now, the Epic Dad has an Evernote notebook filled with gift ideas that get mentioned any time of the year so my stock of options is more full than a JC Penny warehouse – very full – but you my friend might be lacking.  Think in terms of ‘F’ – phone, friends, fun, family. Can you think of anything meaningful in these areas?
  2. Create a trip. Trips beat gifts hands down, every time. If you’re like most Epic Dads though, you don’t do much of the trip planning, so create one.  Here’s your basic recipe.
    1. Find a baby sitter.
    2. Find one Saturday night in a hotel a few hours away.
    3. Plan one good dinner on Saturday.
    4. Plan one or two cool things to do on Saturday.
    5. Plan one thing to do late Sunday morning or on your drive back Sunday afternoon.

    Create this itinerary with some pictures and give it to her.

  3. Create a video memory.  Well you’re reading this on Friday, you don’t have a lot of time. Gather up your kids and ask them what makes mom great, what does she do good, what does she not do good, what is funny about her, why is she pretty. Ask them anything because the best responses you’ll get will be the off-the-wall answers. Edit them in YouTube and have a moment when the family watches it together.  This one was inspired by this list of 5 lat minute ideas.
  4. Give a book she wanted to read and promise her time to read it.
  5. Give a bottle of food lotion and promise to rub her feet whenever she asks for as long as there is lotion in the bottle. (Note, I’ve done this one and the bottle will seem like it lasts forever.)
  6. Print out a summer movie schedule and mark the dates you’ll go see your favorite movies together.
  7. Clean out her car and restock it. Does she need quarters for parking? Hair ties? Gas? Can you fill the cup holder with coffee and sandwich gift cards?

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