May Goals (1)

I was listening to Beyond the To Do List by @erikjfisher and during an interview, Crystal Paine said  “If you’re aiming at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” This made me think about what I am aiming at now.

Mostly life seems to be a sequence of one small thing after another like dominos falling but we don’t get to see the big picture.  What if we set weekly goals though, and let those moments be our big picture?  I’m going to try it.

  1. Marriage Goal – Practice listening better. It’s really easy to listen while looking down at a book or screen but that’s not really listening at all. That’s looking at a book or screen and my wife didn’t marry me to talk to the top of my balding head.
  2. Parenting Goal – Put my phone down. It’s easy to grab my iPhone – but harder after pairing down the apps – to check blog stats or Twitter but do I want them to remember that part of their childhood?  I want them to remember the great moments.
  3. Physical Goal – This week I will run 3 times and do 500 push-ups and 100 chin-ups.
  4. Career Goal – I will write 1,000 words, finish The Happiness Project, and find 2 more guests for 27 Good Things.
  5. Spiritual Goal – I will not miss a day of reading The Purpose Driven Life and will meditate each day on my appreciation for my life.

My hope is not to rush through these things next Monday and Tuesday but include parts of them in each day. Next Wednesday I’ll post how successful I was and include another five goals.

Here’s a domino video – not my best example of explaining things to our kids.


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