Grapes and Jello and people of the internet

Grapes with jello.We found in this on Pinterest and because we had guests coming over I had to make it.  My wife hates this but when people come over I have to try something brand new to make.  The recipe I found called for a box of mix per pound of grapes but this Jolly Rancher box had easily enough for two pounds and that’s the ratio Ill use in the future.  To make them.

  1. Collect your 1-2 pounds of grapes
  2. Remove grapes from  the vine.
  3. Rinse grapes.
  4. Gently shake grapes and Jello packet in a large container.
  5. Remove to serving bowl and chill in the refrigerator.

We chilled our grapes for a few hours after shaking and they turned out very nice.

This is about more than grapes though. This is about finding good people on the internet who share good things. It’s too easy to get caught up in hearing about negative news on the television and it’s hard to find stories about good things that happen.  On the internet though, those people are everywhere. They are on Pinterest and Twitter.  You have some of them on Facebook.  Find them and you’ll be rewarded with more than jello recipes.

Here’s three to start with: John Saddington, Meagan at the Happiest Home, Mike at Adventures of personal development.


3 thoughts on “Grapes and Jello and people of the internet

  1. That is an interesting recipe – I never would have put those two ingredients together, but my kids love Jello so it might be a big hit. And yes, I agree with you on finding good people on the internet. They are out there and it’s great to build relationships.

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