Learning new things is always difficult

Learning anything is slow

Our oldest daughter is learning to read.  She’s moving along very slowly because she’s switching from identifying letters and their sounds to making those sounds and blending them together.  Duh-oh-g, dog.  Watching her read books very slowly with much stumbling and corrections reminds me that doing new  things is always difficult.

As adults we forget this because our new things aren’t that new.  Cooking isn’t that difficult because we can follow directions and have a basic set of hand-eye skills.  Same with learning new tasks at your job like compiling new forms for learning a new programming language.  These competicicies are like bridges from one island to another, but we don’t always have bridges.

Instead of having a bridge we can use to travel to a new area, we have to swim.  Swimming when you haven’t swum for a long time is scary and hard. Physically demanding it will leave you out of breath to even go the shortest distance.  The same with new things for which we have no skills, it’s going to take a lot of work and be difficult.  With swimming and anything new though the effort is always worth it.


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