6 things I learned by not buying books for 100 days

For the new year I resolved to not buy any books or clothes.  It’s been about 100 days into this resolution and reflecting on the process is important for me to understand why I’m doing this and whether it’s all worth it.

    1. Making the resolution absolute – no books or clothes – was imperative.  If I had resolved to only buy this or that it would have been far too easy to slip into something.  I could justify one Kindle book and one used copy.  And then one more, and one more.
    2. It’s forced a certain appreciation for what I have.  I’ve reread King’s On Writing which I very much enjoyed.  I’ve also been able to cherry-pick from the public library, enjoying 168 Hours and Neverwhere.
    3. I’ve saved money.  In 2012 I spent $63 on books at Amazon.  It’s not a large amount but I don’t feel relatively poorer because I’m not purchasing books.
    4. I’ve taken better care of my clothes.  In the past I didn’t feel wasteful about wearing them but now I do have more appreciation towards having them last longer.
    5. There is a temptation to buy.  In the winter I borrowed Eye of the World from the public library, couldn’t get into the book and returned it. Last week I saw it available on Amazon for $6. I almost bought it.  A book I didn’t want to read less than 100 days ago and I almost bought it.
    6. I don’t want things anymore. In the past bookstores drew me in like a railroad man to loose woman – maybe.  Now though I’m more content.  I’m happy with what I have and understand why.

I see no reason why I won’t be able to continue this throughout the spring and summer. My Kindle continues to get a lot of use thanks to Instapaper and IFTTT and our library has a wonderful lending policy.  My only thought is that my wife will view some shortcoming in my wardrobe and will tempt me with new clothes.


6 thoughts on “6 things I learned by not buying books for 100 days

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