The Daily Practice on your iPhone (how to)

I’ve been reading @jamesaltucher for a few years and one of the systems he advocates is his Daily Practice. The idea behind the daily practice is for someone to  make the things you want to do daily habits. 

The psychological hook is that once you do something for two consecutive days you’ll want to do it for three and three will motivate you to have four straight days and on it goes. 

James built a very nice site to help people with sticking to their goals and as Jerry Seinfeld put it ‘don’t break the chain’. 

The site has always felt too sluggish for me and opened too poorly on my iPhone so I decided to integrate the idea into my reminders app. 

I’ve found that having the extra category – create it by selecting the three bars in the upper left, then selecting edit, then selecting create new list – is a better implementation for me.  This way it’s on my phone but it doesn’t conflict or dominate my other lists of things that I would like to do each day.  The biggest drawback of this system is that it doesn’t allow for the same customization that allows.  TDP has variable time settings, color coded goals, and a much better visualization structure of doing something for consecutive days.  This system doesn’t but since I started at TDP and moved to this I have enough momentum to stick with this system. 


2 thoughts on “The Daily Practice on your iPhone (how to)

  1. Hey Mike,

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m working on a specifically targeted version of TDP for mobile devices. It’s not going to be native, but should be a vastly improved experience.

    When I get more time to tackle the offline syncing with it, we’ll get a native app out there as well.


    • Let me know how it goes, I’m interested in something simpler and more in line with the tdp site. Would love to see your progress as it comes.

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