Grading hot key

I do a lot of grading of written work, 24 students, 6 papers a quarter, 5 pages a paper, 3 quarters a year….

A lot of the tasks for grading a paper are routine such as opening, editing and closing – even some commenting is repetitive as undergraduates are relatively consistent with some mistakes.  To solve this problem I wrote a very simple script that saves a graded work as a pdf, closes the window and prepares it for email.  If you do anything repetitive, even opening a few browsing tabs regularly or preparing a GIMP file, learning AHK is should be what you do next.


2 thoughts on “Grading hot key

    • The odd things is, once we got our mac mini and hooked it up to the tv and then the netbook to use for ‘computer’ stuff, it’s the netbook that gets the bulk of usage and mini that’s used for streaming. We should have gotten a bookpro and appletv.

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